Can You Pass the Mattress Test?

Traveling to Southeast Asia, many people will buy latex mattresses after returning, for their own use or giving presents to friends and family. Due to its breathabilityresilience and other advantages latex mattresses by a large number of users. However, higher prices are generally due to the preciousness of raw materials. Good and bad quality of foreign products, consumers are also difficult to protect their rights and benefits after the advent of the problem, so there is a danger to buy latex mattresses from overseas consumers, we need careful choice.


There are synthetic latex mattresses and natural latex on the market, if consumers want to buy pure natural latex mattresses abroad, to learn some basic skills.

First, look. It’s pure white-white natural lateral mothers, the face of the thousands of stomata honeycomb. Latex will form hard-colored surface shell, more rigid or natural latex, and color is synthetic yellow.

Second, smell

Synthetic oxygen latex, natural latex of the rubber tree, pure natural latex matrices, this will drip the touch of aromatic Plasma, taste is a latex, non-toxic, non-toxic odor, if more odorous, it has to buy careful.

Three are trying. This is mainly to prove the softness and steal the property of the mattress. The natural lateral mattress can equally spread the weight of the human body and can affect rapidly after lifting.

Fourth, touch. Compared to sponge mattresses, latex mattresses feel more sensitive, soft and smooth. Naturally lateral natural maternal effect will affect the weight of the hand, and the synthetic latex matrix has a slower effect.

Experts also reminded that although natural lateral mattress raw materials are of nature, but 8% of people sleeping will have an allergic reaction, so before buying to determine if there is a next latex allergy.

Buying Matrix Information

Maternal distribution; According to the technology and the different technology it can be divided into: spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, inflatable mattresses, magnetic beds and so on.

1, spring mothers: a matrix used modern performance in common, the mat by the spring composition. The pad has good elasticity, better support, breathing, and durable and so on.

2, palm mothers: made of palm fiber, hard or hard general texture in a small soft. The mattress price is relatively low. When used, natural palm fragrance, poor resilience, Mattress is easy to decompose collapse, poor supportive performance, maintenance is not easy to eat or feed.

3, lateral mats: made of polyurethane compounds, also known as PU foam mattress. Its software is high, absorbs strong water, but the elasticity and lack of ventilation, so mattress is easy to wet.

4, maternal water: the use of the principle of vitality, sleepiness lightness, dynamic sleeping, Dongnuanxialiang, hyperthermia and other features.

5, inflatable mothers: mattress is excellent, environmentally friendly and safe Mattress, with healthcare, easy collection, easy to carry and so on, suitable for home, travel.

6, magnetic mattresses: mattresses spring based on the mattress in the face of a special set of magnetic pieces to produce a static magnetic field, and the use of the biological effects of magnetic field, to achieve sedation, pain, improve blood circulation, eliminate swollen effects and other effects, maternal health.

Information about buying a mattress

First of all, the visual approach: with the eyes to see if it is in line with national quality system testing standards, high quality mattresses have specific signs and requirements, such as registered trademarks, export signs of letters, certificate, factory date, Specifications, model, The two sides of the depth do not hide straight and thick thickness, uniform, smooth, vertical straightforward, so the quality of mattress is an indispensable condition. In addition, when choosing maternal, Mattress, it’s better to look for two well-known. For having better mattress visit mattress sales and select the best one.